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Sphaera Solutions welcomes you to the Resilience Exchange, the open access portal into a growing, global, living library of solutions to the hard problems of the 21st century.

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Infinite solutions for social change

As we all work to change the world for the better, we can increase the pace of change by sharing what we know, collaborating with others, and adapting existing solutions to the challenges and contexts we face around the world. On the Resilience Exchange, we are building a collective repository of proven solutions and connecting a community of practitioners to share their knowledge and know-how. The goal is to avoid reinventing the wheel, fostering innovative problem-solving by helping practitioners find, share, and repurpose solutions (and their fundamental building blocks) to advance their missions, wherever they may be. Come search for solutions, contribute what works, and change the world.

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What is the Resilience Exchange?

This is the beginnings of a globally connected repository of solutions to the hard social and environmental problems of the 21st century. Created by and for social change practitioners, the Resilience Exchange is powered by you--the change agents-- and the proven solutions you contribute. This novel platform for collaboration and innovation is maintained by Sphaera, a social enterprise created for that purpose.

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How does it work?

Are you curious what your peers are learning from their work in similar fields around the world? Do you have solutions to share that might benefit others? Test drive our solutioning platform to experience how you can access and add to a growing library of global solutions. You can also connect directly with and learn from other practitioners who have faced or are currently facing similar challenges in their corner of the world.

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